​​​Roosevelt Lake Ranch Water System

History of Roosevelt Lake Ranch Water System

The Roosevelt Lake Ranch Water System (RLRWS) is located at the community of Lincoln in Lincoln County in Washington State.  We are located on the south shore of Lake Roosevelt approximately 37 miles upstream from the Grand Coulee Dam.  Our location is approximately 10 miles north of the town of Creston which is o State Highway 2, 55 miles west of Spokane, WA.  We have two wells that serve our community.  One at a well depth of 281 feet and pumps approximately 630 gallons per minute and the other one is 319 feet and pumps approximately 550 gallons per minutes.  The well source number is now S03 as we have been designated a well field.

We are expanding our water system.  The older parts of the system were installed by Crown Zellerbach, Inc., in conjunction with their sawmill operation.  The system was purchased, expanded and operated by Lake Ranch Associates from 1984-1992.  In 1992 the Roosevelt Lake Ranch Water System, a non profit corporation, was created.  The members of the Board were elected in 1993, and records of the water system were transferred on July 1, 1993.  The Directors of the Corporation are domestic water users of the system.   The system was reclassified from a Group B system to a Group A system by the Washington Dept. of Health in January 1994.

Our water system is currently approved for 421 water hook-ups. It could be increased to 780 connections with modifications. As of 11/16 we currently have 147 full hook-ups and 62 non water hook-ups.  Department of Ecology has approved our system for 839 annual acre feet per year of water. Our ground water certificate number is G3-24659C and is currently good until June 1, 2022.

Our water is treated with chlorine at a rate of one part per million in accordance with Health Department Directives. The reason for this treatment is to control any possible bacteria in the water system.  This is the only additive in our water.  Please note if your water is not used for extended periods, be sure to let it run for a few minutes in order to remove water that has been stagnant in your line.

The Health Department has rated our wells with low susceptibility to contamination because our wells are deep and because our water quality results to date indicate no impacts from surface activities. 

We have two holding tanks for a total of 205,350 gallons of equalizing storage, additive standby storage and fire protection storage. the two reservoirs installed have individual volumes of 108,200 gallons and 138,900 gallons, for a total of 247,100 gallons, leaving 41,750 gallons available for operating storage and dead storage above the overflow and below the distribution system intake pipe. Our system pumps the water up to the reservoirs and then gravity feeds back to the customers.

In 2016 the RLRWS purchased a back up generator to operate both our pumps should we have an extended power outage.  It was a used 275 KW Kohler Diesel Generator, 400 gallon diesel tank, 3 phase, 60hz, 1800 rpm and had 735 hours on it.  Many thanks to one of our members, Todd Heaton, for all the work he has put into this purchase in finding the right deal and all the work in coordinating the various phases to getting this hooked up to our pumps.

RLRWS Licensed Water Distribution Manager 1, Cross Connection Control Specialist, Certificate No. 012611

Tina M. Craig   509-977-2002 or 509-636-2049

For information concerning: General Information, Compliance, Operating Permits, Operators, Water Use Effenciency, Source Information, Samples, Exceedances, and Water Quality Monitoring Schedule, click on the following link: https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/eh/portal/odw/si/Intro.aspx and enter in our ID # 47283.

Washington State Dept of Health Office of Drinking Water